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Why does KTCSD Oppose the Proposed Knightsen Wetlands?

The following documents will help you understand why KTCSD opposes the proposed Knightsen Wetlands Project.

On September 11, 2019, KTCSD sent a letter to Abigail Fateman, East Contra Costa Habitat Conservancy, regarding questions and concerns KTCSD and the Knightsen community have about the proposed Knightsen Wetlands Project.  Click on this link to see the letter to Ms. Fateman.

KTCSD Letter to ECCHC re Oct Mtg_20190911.pdf

In October 2019, both the KTCSD and the Knightsen Town Advisory Council (KTAC) received petitions from community residents who opposed the Knightsen Wetlands Project. On October 28, 2020, KTAC sent a letter to the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors expressing the concerns of community residents.

KTCSD_Community Petition Against Knightsen Wetlands.pdfKTAC_Community Petition Against Knightsen Wetlands.pdf10-28-20 KTAC Wetlands Letter to BOS.pdf

On October 29, 2019, KTCSD voted to oppose the proposed Knightsen Wetlands Restoration Project. KTCSD committed to its constituents that its opposition would remain in effect until satisfactory responses to the community's questions and concerns were received.  Letters were sent to seven different agencies explaining why KTCSD opposes the proposed project.  Click on this link to see the November 8, 2019 letter that was sent to Diane Burgis, Chair of the East Contra Costa Habitat Conservancy.

KTCSD Letter to Diane Burgis_ECCCHCP_re Knightsen Wetlands Project_20191108.pdf

Over five months after KTCSD sent its letter to East Contra Costa Habitat Conservancy with its questions and concerns, a response was received from ECCHC. The letter addressed a limited number of the questions and concerns expressed by the KTCSD Board of Directors and members of the Knightsen community.  Responses to many questions were deferred until new or existing studies could be completed. Click on this link to see the response received from ECCHC.

ECCHC_Response to 9-11-19 Letter received 02-28-20.pdf

On February 13, 2020, KTCSD sent letters to four agencies explaining why KTCSD is not implementing the then proposed drainage projects and why KTCSD opposes the proposed Knightsen Wetlands Project.  Click on this link to see the February 13, 2020 letter that was sent to the Board of Supervisors.

KTCSD Letter to CCC Board of Supervisors_20200213.pdf