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Financial Information

KTCSD operates under a fiscal year budget cycle beginning July 1 and ending June 30. 


KTCSD_ 2022-2023 Budget.pdfKTCSD_ 2021-2022 Budget.pdfKTCSD_2020-2021 Budget_MID-YR REVISIONS.pdfKTCSD_2020-2021 Budget.pdfKTCSD_2019-2020 Budget.pdfKTCSD_2018-2019 Budget.pdfKTCSD_2017-2018 Budget.pdf



KTCSD independent audits are conducted annually. Here you can find the auditor's reports and basic financial statements, including the district's revenues and expenditures.

KTCSD Audit_June 2021.pdfKTCSD Audit_June 2020.pdfKTCSD Audit_June 2019.pdfKTCSD Audit_June 2018.pdfKTCSD Audit_June 2017.pdfKTCSD Audit_June 2016.pdfKTCSD Audit_June 2015.pdfKTCSD Audit_June 2014.pdf


Annual Compensation Report

Below is the most recent compensation reports. KTCSD does not compensate its board members (trustees). The district does not have any employees. 

KTCSD_Compensation Report_Calendar Year 2021.pdfKTCSD_Compensation Report_Calendar Year 2020.pdfKTCSD_Compensation Report_Calendar Year 2019.pdfKTCSD_Compensation Report_Calendar Year 2018.pdf